Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The 90 day rule?

Ok, so I was talking to a friend of mine late last night, and we got on the subject of the 90 day rule. For all those of you who don't know what this is; the 90 day rule is a probationary period that a female is supposed to put males through when they first meet a guy before they give up the goods.

The theory of it is that if a girl gives it up too soon (before the 90 days are up), then a guy takes notice and is less likely to take her seriously.

It poses an interesting topic. I've talked to both males and females about this one, and I don't think any 2 friends had the exact same response to it:

Friend 1 (male): I think its ridiculous to put an exact time limit on sex. Just let the natural flow and progression of a relationship take its course.

Friend 2 (female): I completely agree with the the 90 day rule. Dudes won't respect you if you give up the goodies too early.

Friend 3 (male): I think you should definitely make a guy wait, but I don't know about 90 days.

Friend 4 (male): If she ain't giving it up in the two weeks, its a wrap (you know who you are) lol

**note, the only other non-virgin girl in the convo didn't chime in, but from history does not believe in the 90 day rule.

The rest of the girls in the convo were virgins so kinda couldn't give a good chime-in

I think its an interesting subject. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to make a guy wait. I think there's nothing worse than a girl looking for love that is defeated by her own indescretions. Rule #1 ladies: never mistake attention for affection. A guy can put on his "A" game for weeks, pretending to be everything that you've ever wanted in a man and more....but then once he reaches his goal, often times, his true colors start to show. Then on the flip side, a guy could really be serious about a girl and the time is not even a factor....then in the very next case a good would have been serious, but wrote the girl off because of questions of her probable past.

That's why I like to take my time feeling a guy out. I want to see if our personalities are condusive, or if its just a physical attraction. I look for the small things that he says and does to see where his head is. I want to know his reactions to certain things, and most importantly I want to see if I am growing on him (verses only a growing physical desire).

I don't know if I would put a 90 day stamp on it though....heck, it could be longer.

90 days though? I don't know.. What do you think?


  1. If they go ahead and just bang it out (lol literally) with in the first 2 weeks, all those questions would just be answered faster.

    Problem solved.

    I go more with the go with the flow thing

    because with waiting, comes games, and test, and when girls do games and test, they tend to set themselves up for a bigger failure than they expected

  2. So I guess it shows who were on the convo trail LOL.