Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Crossroads

Enough with the relationship talk; the more I think about it, the more I feel I will be old and gray with a whole bunch of puppies to keep me company.

On to more tangible my job. I can't help but think sometimes how easy life was before the 9 to 5 (8 to 4 in my case). No bills, no politicking, just homework and friends. Life was so much less stressfull then...but you never know what you got til' its gone....

Right now, I'm in somewhat of a tight spot. In my line of work, trust is a major factor. Everyone knows that I am cool with my boss, and my boss has held me down as far as getting some credentials under my name. The organization that I work for, however, is a burning building. I want to remain loyal to my boss, however, I'm not really up for slow dancing in a burning room.

I've made some valuable contacts in my year + here that used to work for the same organization, and two of them ALWAYS are calling me with job possibilities trying to look out for me to get me out of here before the smoke gets deadly (funny enough, they have my resume on file and submit my resume for stuff without even asking. I only know when I get the auto-response saying thank you for applying! lol). I haven't really been trying too hard before now to leave, because as with human nature, I have gotten comfortable. The office that I work in now, only 2 other people have 100% access to....which means no one holding me hostage with pictures of their dog, no uncalled for conversations about American Idol, no dumb questions. I love that, and know it won't be like that anywhere else.

The guys both know, and used to work for my boss as well, and are all still very cool with him...but they also know the dirt that goes on between these walls. They have told my boss they are trying to get me out of here and asked if it was cool...he hasn't responded, but you can tell he's not really trying to let me go. Its a tight call for him because he wants me to do well, but at the same time he knows I carry my weight and then some. Then, on top of that he believes that the current big wigs are on borrowed time and thinks the drama is coming to a close.

Recently, one of the guys has turned in my resume for a position with his company making about 40k more than what I'm making right now...doing the exact same thing. (did I just say 40k more??? why yes, I did. does this make it a moral obligation??? I'd say almost...) . And lets see, comfort vs 40k....I think if uncomfort had a cost, it would be around 40 k...SOLD.

I want to be loyal...but at the same time money talks. And, I'm not really trying to stick around till the fire department shows. What to do....

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  1. 40k More you an put me on now please

    there is no moral obligation if someone was to offer your boss 40 k more right now you better believe he would be out that joint