Thursday, August 6, 2009

Better Prepared..

Ok, so this is a convo that I've already had with several people, but I really think the country and economy would do SO much better if this were into play.

I think in either 11th or 12th grade in high school, there should be a mandatory Life Prep class to prepare teenagers for the responsibilities of adulthood that they are about to face. This course should be split into two semesters.

In the first semester, it should be something like shop class but instead of having different stations of things you can build, there should be different stations with a taste of different professions. This will give the students a better chance to prepare because lets face it.... Unless you are extremely talented in the arts or sports or have a family history in one profession, chances are most kids have no idea what they want to do to put bread on the table. This will give them at least an idea and a variety of things to chose from.

The second semester should be just basic knowledge that the young adult may need. How to balance a checkbook, different savings plans, preperation for retirement, the dangers of credit cards, how to keep track of their credit, and other very important things they may need to know would be the foundation of this part.

And if this were the case, I'm almost certain that the overall economy would be much better.

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