Thursday, August 27, 2009

A shocking finding

Sadly enough, it seems like everyday that passes, I lose more and more faith in the male species. I will start by saying I've always had A LOT of male friends. I just find males easier to talk to, and much less drama comes with them so this is why it has always worked well for me.

Guys eventually see that I'm pretty drama free, and eventually end up considering me to be "one of the guys". Through high school, college, and even now at the job I've heard countless stories of the adventures that my male friends go through and how they view things. I think a little piece of my faith/hope in love dies with each story.

Don't get me wrong, I know about 1 or 2 exceptions. Guys that have found the right girl and are faithfull and happy with no intentions of cheating...but for the most part this is not the case. I've even had GROWN 40+ men tell me that the secret is to make a girl feel like the connection has relationship potential and he could get anything he wanted...this is not only disappointing, but a little disgusting. Dude, do you realize that you are 40+??? In a few years, you are going to wish you had someone taking care of you and it will be too late. Good luck.

The reason this post came about today was a guy that I thought was a good one had some very ignorant views. He and a good friend of mine had gotten into a conversation about one of his friends (I was not present for the convo, but as soon as she walked away from him she called me). He wanted my friend to hook up his friend with one of his boys...she states that all her home girls are good picks and good in relationships so this should not be a problem. His response: "He isn't looking for a relationship, he is just looking to knock it out the park really quick." She then procedes to tell him that none of her friends roll like that and his statement was "If an attraction is there, a guy can pull a girl EVERY time. All he has to do is make her feel comfortable...."

Wow...I'm still in disbelief, and I don't know which is more disappointing: the fact that I had initially pegged him for a good guy, or the fact that someone actually feels like this is a true statement. Are you really saying that EVERY girl that has an attraction for a guy will give it up to him and if he simply makes her feel comfortable?? This says a lot about how you view women in general... And what makes it so bad for me: I always put guys in categories: the good guy vs. the jerk. I'd say on the regular out of the guys I know its about an 80 to 20 jerk to good guy ratio respectively, which is pretty high for how many guys I view to be a jerk. Its completely devestating to have one of the guys in the good guy category prove me wrong.

Guys, your stock is DANGEROUSLY low right now...

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