Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pet Peeves list (inspired by Tony)

Ok, so my good friend Tony gave me the inspiration in his blog to say the things that get under his skin, so I decided to make a list of my own....I'm sure I will constantly be updating this list as folks have a tendency to get on my nerves.... So heres the list in no order:

-when your in the right hand lane pulling up to a red light, and a huge truck or van pulls up on your left far beyond the line so you can't see around them to know if you can pull off

-people that INSIST on telling you the same story over and over again, even after you remind them that they've already told you

-the question "what are you thinking"....well, now I'm thinking 'I wish you would stop asking dumb questions' (ok, maybe thats mean...)

-when someone introduces you to something and expects you to be an here is an engine...this is how it works...NOW BUILD ONE ON YOUR OWN AND I DON'T HAVE TIME TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS!!! lol

-the news...ok, let me explain this one. I sit in front of a tv that plays news all day at work, and it gets under my skin how they try to brainwash you into feeling something is good or bad or they are constantly trying to scare you..

-when you call someone and they don't answer, then they send you a text asking whats up.... I called you for a reason..IF I WANTED TO CARRY A CONVO VIA TEXT I WOULD HAVE TEXTED YOU (Tony) lol

-when people call you and don't really have anything to say...let me be clear. I don't mind talking on the phone; in fact sometimes I enjoy it if I'm bored...but for goodness sake about sports, talk about the weather, make something up!! DON'T call me so I can listen to you breathe and PLEASE don't call me and carry on a convo with someone in the background! thanks....

-People that believe that THEIR opinion is the only one that counts. I wish everyone would just look up the dictionary definition of opinion, and then look up the definition of fact, because I think many people have the two confused.

-People that see you doing something (like reading a book or writing in a journal) and they KEEP talking to you....I'm sorry I left my stfu sign by my bed..

-People that can't enjoy a moment of silence....I mean....can you PLEASE let 2 seconds pass without exercising your vocal chords....please...

More to come!!

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  1. lol i believe you need to read my.. "Text me later" Blog